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Tourism WA
Sea Kayaking | SeaKayaks | Tourism WA
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As we approached the area, two male Australian Sea Lions entered water. This is a male Sea Lion colony off the coast of Wa near Rockingham. They swam out to us, rough housed together, and displayed for around twenty or so minutes. They are beautiful animals so we could almost have touched them these were so close. For more exciting adventures, kindly visit Thanks a great deal! Teresa

Tourism WA
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What made you decide on Platypus Yank?
A great friend and i also were sitting down at coffee brainstorming with regards to a memorable name.
I wanted to match Australia, but retain an element of my Americanism. Platypus are among my favorite animals even though they're not marine, they are aquatic. I think they bring in mind a happiness and a little comedy with their antics and anatomy. I am all about fun and originality
which I think the Platypus adequately represents. Yank is only a humorous method of talking about Americans and often I get eyebrows raised after i tell people this site name. Yank can have a negative connotation, but I�m pretty secure in my American-ness and possess the ability to laugh at myself. People usually remember fondly the name and navigate to the how do people follow me which, of course, may be the goal.


Where have you been now?
Currently, I will be pursuing a study degree in education at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. My kayaking mentor trains beside me every week. Training trips are planned to build my skills, endurance, and mental tenacity. My paperwork ought to be completed soon in my nonprofit organization, Inc. You'll be able for individuals to produce tax deductible donations to my cause. If they're thinking about donating at this time through this site, receipts is going to be issued when the NGO creation is finalized.


Tips/Advice for potential entrepreneurs managing a cause

Create a team. You have your strength and passions, but acknowledge your weaknesses. Find people who have strengths that you do not have. What are their interests and passions? How can you support one another?
Have some fun. It is simple to get so involved with our project that individuals neglect a well-balanced life. Exercise and eat right. Spend time with friends and go for uses the shore or in nature. Be flexible. If you might be using a down day, do the minimum that absolutely must get done and let yourself take a break. If this keeps happening, get help and support. Maybe you have to re-evaluate your goals and tasks. Here is a superb exercise when you really get stuck.

Never settle, never stop dreaming, and Do something!


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